As of Meteor Client version 0.4.4.


  1. Download the Fabric Loader and install it or use MultiMC and create a new instance and install fabric using the built in installer.
  2. Download Meteor Client Stable/Dev and put it in your .minecraft/mods folder (If the dev link doesn't work join the Discord server).

How do I use the client?

If you want to open the GUI, the default key is RIGHT_SHIFT. You can change this via the Minecraft controls menu by scrolling all the way to the bottom and changing it like any other key bind. Once open you can right click all of the headings to open and close all the categories. The same can be done for all the modules to access their settings.


This client is completely free so we would be very thankful if you gave us a little donation here and you will be rewarded with special role here on discord, an in game cape and more kit slots + colored name on pvp server. Make sure to include your discord tag and your ign so we can give you your rewards. Minimum amount to get donor benefits is 5$.


The client is open source and accepts contributions from anyone as long as the additions are useful and well written. You can fork the repo and submit pull requests to contribute features/changes.

Can i use this client on versions other than 1.16.4 - 1.16.5?

Meteor Client is primarily made for Minecraft version 1.16.4 - 1.16.5. You can use Multiconnect if you want to connect to servers running older versions of Minecraft.

Can i use optifine?

Optfine is not supported as it can cause many bugs with the client. Instead we recommend using Sodium, Phosphor and Lithium to improve your games performance.

Does this client come with baritone?

Meteor Client comes with automatically updated official Baritone built in. Baritone's default prefix is # but in Meteor Client you can use the .b command. For more information on how to use Babritone, please visit the Docs.

Reporting bugs/issues

If you cannot see the client or you get a crash, please check that you are running the correct versions of everything (Including JDK 8!), the mods are in the .Minecraft/mods folder, your Fabric installation is up to date (re-install it if you are unsure) and you are actually running the right instance in your Minecraft launcher (it should have the fabric icon as its image).

If all of these are correct then you can post your crash in #bugs making sure you are posting it along with your crash report that can be found in .Minecraft/crash-reports.


  • Window title is now customizable
  • Rewrote Auto Reconnect
  • Added .server gamerules
  • Proxies can now have names
  • Rainbow color is now global
  • Improved item moving
  • Improved Criticals
  • Improved Auto Totem
  • Added shulker compact tooltip to Better Tooltips
  • Rewrote Void ESP
  • Improved Hole ESP rendering
  • Added .name-history
  • Added .give
  • Merged .plugins into .server
  • Rewrote Auto Armor
  • Renamed Free Rotate to Free Look
  • Fixed Light Overlay sometimes displaying wrong info
  • Improved potion selector GUI
  • Better consistency between some commands
  • Added font selector with few built in fonts
  • Removed Auto 32K
  • Added left click setting for Kill Aura
  • Rewrote Hole Filler
  • Added Swarm exec command
  • Improved Notebot
  • Fixed Search not resetting when switching dimensions
  • Pressing tab in GUI now selects next text box
  • Added enter action for some GUIs
  • Fixed Bow Spam not working with tipped arrows
  • Improved Hand View swing mode
  • Added .server tps
  • Added fill mode to ESP on shader mode
  • Merged Totem Pop Notifier and Visual Range to Notifier
  • Some fixes to Kill Aura
  • Added outline width to ESP on shader mode
  • Fixed Ambience not working for some blocks
  • Added luminance mode to Fullbright
  • Fixed Canvas compatibility
  • Added no cave culling to No Render
  • Added no map markers to No Render
  • Added blocks setting to Anti Hit
  • Rewrote Crystal Aura
  • Added banner setting to No Render
  • Fixed accont manager not working sometimes
  • Merged Particle Blocker to No Render
  • Fixed packet selector GUI
  • Merged Death Position to Waypoints
  • Fixed Freecam not working with mouse buttons
  • Added no barrier invisibility to No Render
  • Added TPS Sync
  • Moved Auto Log to Misc
  • Rewrote Sneak
  • Added .spectate
  • Renamed Camera Clip to Camera Tweaks with some new settings
  • Baritone's #come now works with Freecam
  • Added timestamps to Better Chat
  • Merged Entity Logger to Notifier
  • Added break overlay to No Render
  • Added Inventory Tweaks with Auto Drop, Anti Drop and mouse drag item move
  • Made meteor splash texts toggleable
  • Added switch delay to Kill Aura
  • Added container view to HUD
  • Improved how modules swap slots
  • Improved Block Selection advanced lines mode
  • A lot of other fixes and minor tweaks