XLoading songs

To load songs you need to put a file with supported format inside folder located in .minecraft/meteor-client/notebot (Create it, if it doesn’t exist).

XSupported formats

  • Classic .nbs Download
  • OpenNBS v5 .nbs Download
  • .txt files using format <tick>:<note>


Before playing songs you can preview them. To preview a song you can either:

  • Press the Preview button next to the song you want to preview
  • Use the .notebot preview <song> command


To play a song you can either:

  • Place noteblocks around you in a 5 block radius
  • Hold noteblocks in your hotbar and let the module do all the work

To start playing a song you can press the Load button next to the song you want to load or use the .notebot play <song> command


You can also record in-game sound to play them back later.

  1. Run .notebot record start to start recording
  2. Stand next to some noteblocks
  3. Run .notebot record save <name>

After that you will see your new recording inside the list of recordings