Starscript is the formatting language currently used in HUD, Discord Presence and .say command.
Full syntax can be found here.


A list of standard variables can be found here.


  • version: Meteor version.
  • mc_version: Minecraft version.
  • fps: Current FPS.
  • ping: Your ping.
  • time: Time of your computer.


  • meteor.modules: Total number of modules.
  • meteor.active_modules: Number of active modules.
  • meteor.is_module_active(id): Returns true when the specified module is active.
  • meteor.get_module_info(id): Returns the module info string.
  • get_module_setting(id, setting): Returns the current value of the setting. Numbers, booleans and strings stay the same type when converted to Starscript. Lists return the number of elements and everything is converted to a string according to it’s Java toString() method.


  • baritone.is_pathing: Returns true when Baritone is currently pathing.
  • baritone.distance_to_goal: Estimated distance to the goal.
  • baritone.process: Current process.
  • baritone.process_name: Current process name.


  • camera.pos.x: Camera’s X position.
  • camera.pos.y: Camera’s Y position.
  • camera.pos.z: Camera’s Z position.
  • camera.opposite_pos.x: Camera’s X position in the opposite dimension.
  • camera.opposite_pos.y: Camera’s Y position in the opposite dimension.
  • camera.opposite_pos.z: Camera’s Z position in the opposite dimension.
  • camera.yaw: Camera’s yaw rotation.
  • camera.pitch: Camera’s pitch rotation.
  • camera.direction: Direction the camera is facing.


  • player: Username.
  • player.health: Player’s health.
  • player.absorption: Player’s absorption.
  • player.hunger: Player’s hunger.
  • player.speed: Speed in blocks per second.
  • player.breaking_progress: Block breaking progress.
  • player.biome: Biome you are in.
  • player.dimension: Dimension you are in.
  • player.opposite_dimension: Opposite dimension to the one you are in.
  • player.pos: Player’s position formatted as X: 0 Y: 0 Z: 0.
  • player.pos.x: Player’s X position.
  • player.pos.y: Player’s Y position.
  • player.pos.z: Player’s Z position.
  • player.opposite_pos.x: Player’s X position in the opposite dimension.
  • player.opposite_pos.y: Player’s Y position in the opposite dimension.
  • player.opposite_pos.z: Player’s Z position in the opposite dimension.
  • player.yaw: Player’s yaw rotation.
  • player.pitch: Player’s pitch rotation.
  • player.direction: Direction the player is facing.
  • player.hand: Player’s main held item. See Item.
  • player.offhand: Player’s offhand held item. See Item.
  • player.hand_or_offhand: Player’s main held item. See Item.
  • player.get_item(slot): Item in the specified slot. See Item.
  • player.count_items(id): Number of items in the entire inventory.
  • player.xp.level: Player’s XP level.
  • player.xp.progress: Player’s XP progress to the next level (0-1).
  • player.xp.total: Player’s total XP points.
  • player.has_potion_effect(id): Checks whether the player has the specified potion effect.
  • player.get_potion_effect(id): Returns the effect or null if the player doesn’t have it. See Potion Effect.
  • player.get_stat(id), player.get_stat(id, type): Returns the specified statistic for the player (updated once per second). Supported types are: mined, crafted, used, broken, picked_up, dropped, killed, killed_by and custom (custom is the default).

XCrosshair target

  • crosshair_target.type: Either miss, block or entity string.
  • crosshair_target.value: Either empty string, Block or Entity.


  • server: Server name.
  • server.tps: Server’s TPS.
  • server.time: Server’s time formatted as 16:00.
  • server.player_count: Server’s player count.
  • server.difficulty: Server’s difficulty.


Various variables and functions can return more complex objects which fields can be accessed using .. An empty means the object itself and not accessing any field.


  • : Item’s name formatted as Stone 32x or just Stone if count is 1.
  • name: Item’s name.
  • count: Number of items.
  • durability: Current durability.
  • max_durability: Maximum durability.


  • : Block’s name.
  • pos: Block’s position formatted as X: 0 Y: 0 Z: 0.
  • pos.x: Block’s X position.
  • pos.y: Block’s Y position.
  • pos.z: Block’s Z position.


  • : Entity’s name.
  • health: Entity’s health or 0 if the entity doesn’t have health.
  • absorption: Entity’s absorption or 0 if the entity doesn’t have absorption.
  • pos: Entity’s position formatted as X: 0 Y: 0 Z: 0.
  • pos.x: Entity’s X position.
  • pos.y: Entity’s Y position.
  • pos.z: Entity’s Z position.

XPotion Effect

  • duration: Effect’s duration in ticks.
  • level: Effect’s level.